Cloud ERP

Cloud ERP, the all-in-one solution for your business

At OSAS, our job is to make your workflow easier and your organization more successful with a fully integrated system. That’s why we’ve developed a no-worries way to get your hands on the most dynamic ERP cloud solution on the market, while spending less on IT overhead.

Time and money are finite resources. Why not spend them on serving your customers instead of maintaining business software and servers? Cloud Solutions give organizations of all sizes the power and flexibility with fully-managed IT support, at a low price.

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It's all about simplicity

Designed to support unlimited growth, our ERP cloud software provides the automated workflow, streamlined features, and functionality you'd expect from top-flight business software, built on 40 years of expertise by OSAS. The only thing you'll be missing is server maintenance, manual software updates, and worrying about securing your data (which we doubt you’ll miss at all).

Implementing and rolling out a cloud solution to your employees has never been easier. Have an internet connection? You're good to go. Cloud ERP Software eliminates connectivity concerns caused by complex multiple sites or the simple, occasional work-at-home day. Our mobile-friendly cloud solution enables your company to maintain a competitive edge in your industry. Experience unsurpassed productivity when you and your fellow employees can get access anywhere, anytime, on any device, with total peace of mind.

Don't let the cloud scare you

The “cloud” isn't about fogging up your processes. It's about eliminating barriers and helping you concentrate on the important things your business needs to succeed.

When using a cloud solution, nothing is standing in between you and your productivity. Instead of maintaining servers, you can maintain cash flow. Instead of updating software, you can update clients on your latest offering. Instead of spending time on security, spend time nurturing important opportunities.

Psst... hey, I.T. professionals!

We can make your to-do list a whole lot more manageable.

Your job is to improve your company's bottom line. You do this by ensuring a technology infrastructure that's secure, up-to-date, and working hard for your users. With cloud, you accomplish that and free up your time to reach strategic goals instead of chasing down maintenance issues, spending money replacing outdated servers or software, and hiring and training personnel.

With Cloud ERP, your IT infrastructure is maintained for you and product updates are rolled out without losing personal customizations. Eliminating IT expenditures related to hardware, facilities, and servers enable you to focus on more important business goals like helping your company grow and become more efficient.

Cloud for Everyone

It doesn't matter if your job title is CEO, I.T. manager, or if you're an accountant who got roped into managing the server; if you’re maintaining your software on-premises, Cloud ERP Software will significantly reduce the time and money you spend maintaining servers, updating software, and keeping your network secure. Integration with Microsoft’s growing collection of integrated cloud-based services includes analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage, and web all at a simple price, implemented and supported by cloud IT professionals.

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Partner with a trusted name in cloud hosting

Microsoft Azure is an invaluable partner, backed by the investment of billions of dollars into its shared public cloud infrastructure. Microsoft’s recognition as a trusted cloud provider guarantees that the security and privacy needs of your company are readily handled. Regional data centers worldwide provide quicker response times, saving your company valuable time and money. Transparency regarding data and compliance to global standards provide the foundation of features utilized by businesses and organizations in multiple industries. You’ll have round-the-clock availability of your data from anywhere, around the world.

Keep your information safe and secure

State of the art security tools feature prominently in cloud software where network security, anti-virus tools, and data recovery capabilities include multiple redundancies to secure your company’s information more efficiently and economically than doing so on-premises. Managed database backups ensure that none of your data is ever lost. Access to information is permission-based to give you control over what users see and do, putting you in the driver’s seat. Get the security you need, without the expense and manpower required to make sure that your data is protected on-site. Let someone else do the worrying for you.

Go green with the cloud

Do the planet a world of good by employing a cloud ERP that not only saves you money but furthers your company’s eco-friendly initiatives too. Because servers are off-site, you save money on energy bills and produce fewer emissions. With less hardware required, disposal of outdated equipment is no longer problematic - shrinking your company’s environmental footprint. Gone are the days of paper documents or employees driving to work unnecessarily to “reboot” the system. Take advantage of ERP cloud systems that have the resources to upgrade to energy-saving equipment and buildings to help make the world a greener place. Shared resources of the cloud make a big impact on the environment.

Unlimited growth potential

Don’t be hampered by legacy systems that won’t grow with you. Invest in cloud-based software that is scalable as your business needs grow and change – at pace that works for you. Cloud ERP offers the functionality to tackle new products, new markets, company acquisitions and other growth challenges with a solution built for all of these scenarios. International capabilities requiring foreign currencies and languages are available if expansion outside of the US is a part of your company’s future. As your needs fluctuate, so does the cloud server capacity. Adding new products – no problem. Moving to multiple facilities – we’re there for you. The sky’s the limit as you expand your operations and beat the competition.

Greater ROI over on-premises solutions

Our month-to-month pricing provides continuous value to your company’s bottom line. With lower operational costs than maintaining hardware and software on-site, you pay only for what you need with a cloud system. Gone are the days of maintaining and upgrading software – updates and upgrades are handled instantly. No disruptions in service so the latest functionality is always available without losing productivity. Take advantage of the extra cash to invest in new and important initiatives for your organization.

Integration with other business applications

Integrated business applications are vital to keeping your company running smoothly and efficiently. Connect with other cloud applications seamlessly to provide a comprehensive system to meet your company’s unique needs. Don’t put up with disparate systems, workarounds, and manual or time-consuming processes that drain time and money. A cloud solution is the answer you are looking for.

Increase employee collaboration

Cloud-based ERP’s have the capability of sharing and accessing documents anytime, so your employees can view data and import information in real-time with full visibility, anywhere, from any device. What could be better? All it takes is an Internet connection to make your team work smarter, more productively, and more competitively. In the age of employee mobility, your company needs to take advantage of current technology. Cloud lets nothing get in the way of your company making smarter decisions.

Cloud without the fog.

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