Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Software

Connect Traverse to the world of electronic data

Simplify processes and save time with the Traverse EDI Connector

The Traverse EDI Connector allows you to share data between Traverse and your Trading Partners (customers and vendors) who provide data electronically. Download orders from, or send data to, ecommerce sites allowing you to dramatically reduce or eliminate the need to move data manually to or from customers and vendors.

Our Traverse EDI Connector can be configured to work in any of the following scenarios to save you time and money.

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EDI Connector Features:

• Connect directly to customer and vendor systems (who provide this connectivity)

• Connect to a VAN (Value Added Network) to translate and move data to and from customers and vendors

• Connect to SPS Commerce to share data directly with Traverse

• Connect to TrueCommerce to share data directly with Traverse

• Import from, and export to various ecommerce sites

With the EDI Software you can receive data faster, process orders more quickly, invoice and receive payments electronically, process cash received, apply AR invoices electronically and many more functions that will save you time and money.

Already processing data electronically?

Use the connector to get data into and out of Traverse without the need for manual entry.

Not currently using any EDI Software functionality?

The connector has full EDI functionality available with the optional EDI translator.

EDI Connector Graphic

Big box functionality without big shock prices.

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