Seamless Integrations

Extend the power of TRAVERSE and OSAS

Open Systems partners with many other companies to provide products and services that add value to our TRAVERSE and OSAS solutions. These partners offer everything from technology foundations to financing to forms and hardware and software products that add value and streamline systems for users of TRAVERSE and OSAS.

Business Intelligence/Reporting


BizInsight™ is a business reporting and analytics solution that provides real-time access to business data from Microsoft® Office Excel®, helping users easily gather and analyze business information. BizInsight makes it easy for users to expand business insight by allowing them to get immediate answers to questions without the usual challenges of gathering and refreshing the source data.

Synoptix by CompuSoft Development

CompuSoft Development is a leading developer of enterprise reporting software and the creator of Synoptix for TRAVERSE. Synoptix allows users to easily create powerful dashboards— as well as financial and business intelligence reports— from anywhere within the TRAVERSE database, all with complete drill-down functionality.

“TRAVERSE has many ‘bolt-on’ opportunities that can provide us with the opportunity to have better efficiency in the way we operate. I have implemented Synoptix, but look forward to the day I can use more of the available tools." — Tony Ohlmann, Superior Van & Mobility LLC

ExpoCise from Technology Solutions Associates, LLC

ExpoCise an incisive analytics tool that provides the user with the ability to analyze, summarize, chart, and present TRAVERSE data in “ExpoCise” Views, Pivot Views, Charts, and Reports.

Document Management


docUnity is a fully integrated document management system that works with all TRAVERSE and OSAS applications, enabling you to view a document or group of documents and the route them to customers, vendors, or members of your organization. docUnity also selectively captures documents printed by TRAVERSE and OSAS, giving you the power to automatically email or fax documents to stakeholders or make them available to view through the web.


The UnForm® Document Management Solution is a platform-independent client server application for Windows®, Unix®, and Linux that seamlessly integrates with TRAVERSE and OSAS applications. UnForm can produce customized laser printed output and PDF documents to automatically deliver documents via email or fax, and also automates the capture and archiving of both original text and PDF versions of documents in a secure document repository.

Electronic Data Interchange


TRAVERSE v11 EDI saves you time and money by transmitting data directly between you and your trading partners. Using standardized file formats TRAVERSE EDI will allow you to receive data directly into your Sales Order or Purchase Order modules for immediate processing. It will also send data such as invoices and acknowledgements directly to your customers with little or no interaction. TRAVERSE EDI is available as an upgrade or standalone to TRAVERSE.

Electronic Filing

Aatrix Software

Aatrix Software helps TRAVERSE and OSAS users with Enhanced Payroll Tax Reporting (EPTR). EPTR provides over 300 certified payroll reporting forms that are completed from host data and can be printed on plain paper and mailed, or electronically filed.

Financial Services

Open Systems Financial Services

Open Systems Financial Services (OSFS) will help you conserve cash with low, predictable monthly payments. OSFS provides comprehensive financial solutions for all Open Systems products including 3rd party expenses such as hardware, interface software, and services.



Nelco is an authorized supplier of compatible forms and supplies for Open Systems software, and works closely with developers of Open Systems products to ensure that all forms and supplies are compatible with software programs. In addition, Nelco’s technology is built into OSAS and TRAVERSE, guaranteeing that all tax forms are compatible and compliant.

Human Resources

Optimum Solutions

Optimum Solutions provides Payroll, HR, and Time & Attendance software solutions on premise or in the cloud for primarily mid-sized companies in the U.S.  Optimum HRIS software can interface with numerous industry-specific software applications including manufacturing, distribution, transportation and healthcare. With more than 2000 software licenses sold, Optimum Payroll processes over 12 MILLION paychecks annually.

Industry Experts

K2 Enterprises

K2 Enterprises is the premier provider of technology-related Continuing Professional Education (CPE) in the United States and Canada. K2’s goal is to produce and deliver the highest quality technology seminars and conferences available to business professionals. K2 works cooperatively with professional organizations (such as state CPA societies and associations of Chartered Accountants) and vendors of technology products. K2 also provides consulting services and advice on technology.

Integration for CRM


Commercient’s SYNC application makes it possible to see your ERP data in your CRM. Unlike a toolset, the Commercient SYNC data integration app keeps you up-to-date with changes made to your ERP and CRM system simultaneously. Our apps bring your empty CRM skeleton to life by creating a mirror image of what’s happening in your ERP system. Learn more!


Internet of Things

Commercient IoT Pulse

Commercient’s IoT Pulse connects your ERP to the Internet. Our goal is to simplify the integration process so everyone can use the power of APIs with their ERP and Accounting software by connecting the API of your ERP System to thousands of Internet apps and devices. We aim to make production, accounting, and distribution processes part of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Some of the apps we connect include MailChimp, time card apps, Gmail, marketing apps, and much more.


Credit Card Processing



OpenEdge® payment processing software (formerly X-Charge) delivers technology and security while providing Open Systems software users a fast and reliable processing solution. Offering solutions that allow for processing credit cards, debit cards, checks and gift cards through PCs, eCommerce and mobile gateways, OpenEdge is a PCI SSC-Validated Payment Application that reduces the burden of PCI compliance for merchant customers.

Payment Automation



AvidPay by AvidXchange enables companies to pay vendors electronically while maintaining all of their banking relationships and current approval workflows. Increase your security with positive pay on 100% of your payments and gain control with 24/7 visibility into payment statuses and approvals.


Choosing Vantiv Integrated Payments as your credit card processing provider is the best way to streamline your payments and maximize the features of your TRAVERSE software solution. With Vantiv, you’ll enjoy:

  • Competitive pricing with a free rate review
  • Free, instant online reporting
  • Award winning, 24/7 US based customer support
  • Security solutions to protect your patients and your business
  • Fraud-reducing EMV chip card processing


Point of Sale

Exactis Point-of-Sale

Exactis Point-of-Sale is an all-in-one hardware and software system which is fully integrated with Open Systems' Traverse application and Microsoft's Sql Server. ExactisPOS is based on a synchronized detached architecture.

Quality Management Software


Our suite of Quality and Continual
Improvement modules are designed to help
your company automate its journey toward
excellence. uniPoint is the only Enterprise Quality Management System (EQMS) you will ever need to purchase. Using the latest. Net Technology, Crystal Reporting, and a SQL database, you will never outgrow it.  

Sales Tax


AvaTax by Avalara makes it easy to find accurate rates, determine product taxability, track and manage exempt clients in an auditable manner, provide detailed audit reports, remit local and global returns, and provide sales tax and VAT services to help your clients with audit challenges.

Shopping Cart

eCommERPBridge™ for TRAVERSE

eCommERPbridge™, developed by Keystone Solutions, Inc., for TRAVERSE software delivers an affordable, easy to implement, easy to manage B2B eCommerce solution for the Wholesale Distribution and Manufacturing industries. Integrating intelligently with TRAVERSE, eCommERPbridge provides the tools to get to 1st Base and beyond in B2B eCommerce.



BASIS International Ltd. is a global software company delivering customized solutions to meet today’s business challenges. Since 1985, BASIS has produced ambitious and innovative programming languages, database products, and development tools. BASIS is committed to delivering platform independence to the server and client, including browser-based mobile clients.


Open Systems is proud to be recognized as a member of the Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Program. All TRAVERSE products are developed using 100% Microsoft technology. The Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Program provides a way for customers like you to easily identify companies that have proven their commitment and expertise in one or more specialized areas when delivering Microsoft technologies.

Red Hat

Red Hat is a well-known and trusted provider of Linux and open source technology. OPEN SYSTEMS Accounting Software (OSAS) is certified to run on all versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, a corporate Linux standard. Red Hat has proven its performance through trusted benchmarks and has demonstrated a unique vision and leadership in the open source community, taking full advantage of the performance, reliability, control and cost savings that Linux offers.

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