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Whether you need dynamic job shop scheduling, a mobile shop floor environment, shop management, or repair tracking, Traverse Global Service ERP software ensures that you have the capabilities to document and streamline repair processes, monitor job status, identify operational bottlenecks, and increase your shop’s efficiency. With fully integrated accounting, scheduling, inventory, distribution, manufacturing, and warehousing applications, Traverse Global Service is a complete shop management solution to handle all of your business requirements with scalable functionality to meet your needs today and support your future growth.

We Know Service Repair Software

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Electro-Mechanical Repair Software helps service repair shops manage repair, diagnostic, and value-added service jobs for electric motors, generators, and turbines.

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Fluid / Pneumatic Power

Fluid / Pneumatic Power Software meets the manufacturing, distribution, service, installation, and repair needs of fluid power system shops.

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Electrical Apparatus

Electrical Apparatus Software helps repair shops that provide supportive services for electrical apparatus equipment.

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Mechanical Apparatus

Mechanical Apparatus Software meets the needs of shops that offer servicing of equipment that operates primarily on the basis of mechanical (not electronic) principles.

Traverse Global Service is an All-In-One Business Solution

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Traverse Global Service is a good fit if you are looking for:

  • Dynamic Scheduling
  • Planning Boards
  • Job Portal Accessibility
  • Streamlined Quoting and Estimating
  • Inspection Queue System
  • Interactive Reporting and Dashboards
  • Mobile Functionality
  • Real-Time Inventory Control
  • Integrated Accounting and Financials

Mobile Shop Floor Functionality

Our mobile application provides instant access and transparency into individual job details and information including receiving information, quality assurance and inspection results, digital pictures, spec sheets, job status updates and notes, time allocations, inventory transactions, job, and part history, and employee performance. Mobile capabilities include the ability to receive jobs, consume materials, track locations and job status, enter time, and document inspection results.

Managing your shop floor has never been easier or more efficient with technology in the palm of your hand:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Improve data accuracy and reduce duplicate data entry
  • Gain real-time visibility
  • Accurately track job costs
  • Enhance customer service experience
  • Effective inventory control management
  • Insightful reporting

Benefits of a solution from OSAS for your inbound repair shop:

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Generate quotes and estimates from initial inspections

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Dynamic Scheduling based on promised dates, work center capacity, customer and job priorities, and transaction date.

Job Costing Icon

Job Costing analysis for materials, labor, and overhead accumulated for jobs

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Time clock application applies employee time to a particular job and allows posting of time for multiple jobs simultaneously.

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Recalls job history, including inspection reports, documented pictures, and parts information each time it comes in for repair.

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Planning boards organize repair jobs and act as a control center to offer views into job status, parts inventory, and scheduling.

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Establishes step-by-step quality assurance inspections and record-keeping.

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Real-time inventory control and accountability enables efficient job completion, sends low stock alerts, calculates lead time, and maintains accurate cost information.

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Reporting tools designed around what matters most for your shop and then fine-tuned as your needs develop and change.

Top-flight technology designed with your industry needs in mind

As world-recognized experts in designing adaptable solutions for companies just like yours, Traverse Global Service is a fully integrated software solution tailored to fit the unique practices of motor and apparatus repair shops. We speak the language of your shop, specializing in the needs of your business and best practices for standard operating procedures – staying abreast of industry trends and adapting our solution to stay at the forefront of technology.

Our team understands that repair, equipment maintenance, and other service repair businesses have very specific needs and we know those needs better than anybody. We work hard to make sure you have the best solution to keep your customers happy… and coming back!

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"It's much more efficient - we get things done quicker, because we can get to the information we need quicker. From beginning to end, the tablet never stops."

– Mike Huber, President, American MTS

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"Moving from ACS to Traverse proved to be one of the best business decisions we could have made. While challenging, the implementation team at OSAS was there every step of the way, and our business has become much more streamlined because of it. The software actually paid for itself inside of the first year. I would highly recommend this to anyone serious about growing their Service Repair business."

– Doug Moore, President, Kentucky Services

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