IT Services & Hardware

OSAS provides more than just great software. Our Technology Services Group experts provide a wide array of services to solve your infrastructure, hardware, and technology challenges.

Cloud Hosting

Considering taking your business software to the cloud? We provide one-stop cloud hosting software optimized for Traverse! Offering robust and secure Microsoft Cloud based hosting managed by our team of Traverse certified system engineers. Spend time serving your customers instead of maintaining your servers. Cloud hosting options from OSAS can significantly lower your IT costs, while increasing the security and efficiency of your business. If you’re looking for a flexible, cost-effective, and mobile solution, we’re here for you.

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Managed IT Services

With OSAS Managed IT Services, your busy employees have one point of contact for immediate help with technical issues. It doesn’t matter whether the issue is with Traverse/OSAS 8, the network, your SQL Server, or elsewhere. One call or email activates the OSAS support system, and your issue is routed to one of our highly-trained, courteous staff. Scheduled server maintenance is also included for Microsoft updates and security patches, Traverse/OSAS 8 build update installation, and monitoring and management of your database backups.

Server Procurement Consulting

For companies looking for on-premises servers, we offer comprehensive assistance in choosing the right equipment with the right specifications. When it arrives on location, we can remotely help you get that server up and running with the tools and software you'll need for a successful ERP deployment.

Integration Services

Our software integration experts have years of experience connecting our Traverse and OSAS 8 systems to other business systems, designed to your specific business needs. As the developer of the software, we have special insight into best practices that will bring the software integration into complete alignment with your other business-critical systems, saving you time, money, and headaches.

Infrastructure Planning/Consulting

If you’re in need of advice in choosing the appropriate hardware infrastructure for your business, OSAS can help find what’s best for you. Great technical service starts before the equipment is even installed. We can provide a custom design ranging from a single SQL server, to a server farm with a SQL server cluster and load balancing Remote Desktop Servers. OSAS will also provide a standardized list of equipment, from tablets to PCs to printers, as a guide in your purchasing decisions. The chosen equipment will be fully compatible with Traverse, and will allow for much more effective and streamlined support and troubleshooting.

Cloud Backup Solutions

Tired of rotating tapes or portable drives? Not confident you can successfully restore your data in a crisis? OSAS can provide, manage, and monitor a cloud backup solution for your servers. You'll enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have a Traverse certified IT team to inexpensively and securely maintain your backups. If the system you’re using is unreliable and not scalable, it’s time for a cloud solution - never suffer the loss of important data again. When your company needs a backup plan, we’re here to give you one.

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