Protect Your Software Investment

Providing customers with the resources to reach the maximum return on investment is a top priority. To achieve this goal, we offer Traverse Software Maintenance which entitles you to major releases that occur within your subscription period and ensures continuous improvement of your Traverse software. We deliver a software maintenance plan that meets your company’s needs.

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Don’t get left behind

In the fast-paced world of technological advancements, you don’t want your software to be bogged down by obsolete systems and compatibility issues. Software Maintenance helps protect your software investment by allowing you the option of choosing when to upgrade. Your business benefits from new features and capabilities as they become available—on your schedule. By staying current with the subscription, the costs are significantly less in time and money than letting it lapse and paying to upgrade later.

Guaranteed value you can count on

During your software maintenance subscription period, you’ll have access to the following:

Upgraded product enhancements in each major release
Continuous improvement to allow optimal software performance
Maintenance Releases
Flexible Delivery

Additional advantages of Software Maintenance include:

Preferred pricing on software support options
Discounted training classes
Special promotional pricing

These features ensure that you are running the most current and feature-rich software available.



Customer Portal provides value-added resources

If you’re current on Software Maintenance, you have the added benefit of utilizing the Customer Portal available through You’ll have access to our product knowledge base, process checklists, user tips, training news, compliance information, product user guides, and a host of other valuable resources. The site is continually updated with additional features to meet the needs of our Software Maintenance subscribers. Helpful information is available 24 hours a day, right at your fingertips.

Software Maintenance gives you peace of mind

Keep your software running smoothly by subscribing to Traverse Software Maintenance. Your partnership with OSAS will give you the latest upgrades, features, fixes, and enhancements to keep improving your effectiveness as your business grows.

Configurable software without expensive customizations

Traverse provides four layers of adaptability that include:

Personalization – Adjust menu terms and organization, change the basic form navigation, and create individualized ‘views’ of data for inquiry and reporting.

Design – Traverse Design Studio provides the ability to add custom fields, change the layout of forms, and provides integration to other business management software or automation equipment.

Integration – Traverse Design Studio includes data mapping and scheduling tools that integrate your Web store, trading partner, or other third-party application data.

Customization – Building in-house solutions to meet specific business needs is easy with a framework designed to simplify any extension of functionality. Our Software Developer’s Kit helps to customize Traverse applications to meet your needs.

Best and latest technologies available

Our software is based on the best and latest technology – utilizing SQL server technology and .NET and C# for program development.

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