Global ERP

Global ERP for Large International Businesses

Large multinational companies have many unique needs including foreign language support, advanced multicurrency management, multi-industry support, and multi-company capabilities. Adapting to your specific business challenges, OSAS delivers solutions tailored to your company. Our Global ERP software leverages broad functional capabilities to meet the multiple demands of doing business in today’s developing economy. Make sure that your company is keeping up with the global marketplace!

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Conduct business all over the world with the multicurrency capabilities of Global ERP

Global enterprises need advanced multicurrency functionality from business transactions to asset valuation to financial data reporting. You need the power to do business with both customers and vendors globally with a wide range of payment options. Global ERP features powerful multicurrency capabilities far beyond those available in the standard version of Traverse.

With Global ERP Software, you'll enjoy the following multicurrency functionality:

  • Foreign-to-foreign exchange rates
  • Profit & loss accounts in any currency
  • Inventory valuation and reporting in any currency
  • Manage assets and depreciation in multiple currencies
  • Currency-specific pricing
  • Automatic updates for currency conversion rates
  • Transaction availability in any currency

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Financial reporting software for all your global needs

Because your company operates in locations with multiple taxation and regulatory requirements, you need sound tax management and reporting capabilities wherever you are. In addition, with the ever-changing nature of these requirements, you need ERP reporting features that keep up with local accounting and legal standards. Get your company the tools you need to prevent financial liabilities or penalties for non-compliance. Traverse Global ERP is up to the challenge and helps you every step of the way, offering the following features:

  • Realized gains and losses reporting and posting
  • Operational or financial reporting software in any currency
  • FASB 52-compliant financial reporting
  • Handling of multiple tax schedules
  • Regular updates of regulatory requirements

Multi-company capabilities

If you support multiple companies within your corporation, you need an ERP that makes important business connections for you. Traverse Global provides the ability to access customer and vendor information along with inventory stock levels across multiple companies, facilitating setup and transactional processes within the corporation. Users of the system can also buy and sell between companies with intercompany transactions, making the much needed connections necessary to make your business thrive.

Multilingual support for international success

If your company spans the globe, you’ll need a Global ERP system to speak the language wherever you are. Global ERP software provides full support for both English and Spanish across the application platform in software functions and documentation, and can also support any other language using the tools available in the Traverse SDK. This comprehensive language management system allows users to change preferences to select the language of their choosing, making sure that a language barrier doesn’t hold your business back.

Leader in global ERP solutions

With development, sales, and service offices across the country and around the world, we are committed to your company’s global success. We focus on providing the most adaptable business software available, making Traverse Global ERP an ideal business partner to grow your business globally with confidence.

Multilingual support for international success

Global ERP Software provides full support for both English and Spanish across the application platform in software functions and documentation, and can also support any other language using the tools available in the Traverse SDK. Each user can change preferences to select the language of his or her choosing.

World domination in time for lunch.

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