Business done your way with Accounting Software for Mac, Windows, Linux and more

OSAS 8 gives you the scalability your business needs, and the flexibility to run your business and Accounting Software for Mac, Linux, UNIX, Windows, or any combination of these operating systems. OSAS 8 puts you in charge of your business. With Cross Platform Business Accounting Software, you get fully-integrated applications that track all parts of your organization and provide you with the real-time, business critical information you need to thrive. You’ll speed your workflow and conserve money when you let OSAS 8 take care of the heavy data lifting with complete ERP systems designed specifically for industry verticals in distribution and construction.

With ERP for Mac, profitable organizations run streamlined and efficient operations. OSAS 8 gives your employees the ability to accomplish more with a fully-integrated ERP system, eliminating the need for time-consuming double entry of information.

Scalable to your growth

From a few users to a large department, from 1 to 100,000 products, OSAS 8 adapts to the way you do business. You may outpace your competition, but you won’t outgrow your OSAS 8 software. OSAS 8 supports your growth and changing needs as you require more functionality and more users.

Huge value, small bill

For much less than you think, OSAS 8 business accounting software provides customized, problem-solving solutions for every level of your business, big or small. OSAS 8 provides unprecedented value for your organizational investment.

Secure, reliable, and trusted

Consolidating all of your business data in a single system helps establish and maintain access codes, protect data from larger customers and vendors, provide greater control over financial period reporting, and enhance traceability and access to general ledger data generated from other applications.

OSAS 8 Mac Accounting Software is the complete package

General Ledger

As the financial foundation of your system, General Ledger helps you keep track of your complex financial information, with clear reporting to help you get a clear picture of your financial position. Because all OSAS 8 applications feed financial information into General Ledger, you keep better financial records without the errors caused by double entry.

Achieve audit control easily with General Ledger’s ability to track balances back to the source. Drill down information to originating transactions is accessible throughout the software suite, allowing one to locate the source of any financials question that arises.

General Ledger features:

  • Save entry time and reduce errors by using the Budget Import and Transaction Import functions to import budget and transaction data from other sources directly into the General Ledger Journal file
  • Identify business performance trends and capitalize on them with forecast, budget, and last year
  • Use the Transaction Inquiry function to view GL Transactions created by specific post codes
  • Sort your reports the way you want and print them faster with user-definable account segments such as divisions, departments, or sub accounts
  • Work in two years at the same time. Update the current year without closing out last year’s files, giving you up to two years of online reporting
  • Set up your budget quickly with the Account Budgets function. Copy amounts from last year, adjust amounts by percentages or dollar amounts, or allocate an amount over a range of periods

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There is more to processing payroll than simply printing checks. You must maintain detailed records with clear audit trails, track sick and vacation days, keep up-to-date with tax law changes, and meet government reporting requirements. The OSAS 8 Payroll application can handle it all. It also enables you to analyze payroll expenses and employee productivity, and review expense distribution.

You can produce detailed reports to help you plan and generate a budget. Manage your expenses efficiently by tracking FUTA, SUI, Medicare, and Social Security, as well as earnings by department. You decide whether to calculate scheduled deductions as a fixed amount, a percentage of gross pay, an hourly rate, or a declining balance.

Payroll features:

  • The W-2 Name field allows you to specify exactly how employee names will appear on W-2 forms
  • Save time and reduce data errors by using the Import Transactions function to import time tickets from another source directly into the Payroll Time Ticket files
  • Set up an unlimited number of earnings codes, including overtime rates and shift differentials
  • Print checks on blank check form stock with MICR coding (with BBj)
  • Track four quarters of history on payroll checks, and monthly and quarterly check registers can be produced
  • Process the new year’s payroll before you print W-2s for the old year. The Year-End Maintenance function creates last-year data files

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Accounts Payable

Track obligations to suppliers, control cash flow, and speed data entry with the accounting applications in Accounts Payable. Produce a wide array of predesigned reports, and take advantage of the flexibility to pay all invoices, prepay selected vendors, or split invoices for payment.

Accounts Payable features:

  • Enjoy the flexibility of paying vendors using your preferred method: cash, check, credit card, or electronic funds transfer (if using Banking application)
  • Void a payment to reverse all of the updates that were processed when the payment was originally posted; then process the payment again if needed
  • Print checks on blank check stock with MICR encoding
  • Requisition items from several warehouses at one time
  • Save entry time by creating your repetitive payables automatically
  • Easily view and select outstanding payables to be released for payment on a horizontal line-item entry screen (select based on vendor, due date, and discount data criteria)

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Accounts Receivable

Manage your cash, know your customers, and analyze performance and trends with Accounts Receivable. Assign active or inactive status to your customers, use drill-down functionality to see source transactions from inquiry screens, and save time with batch processing capabilities.

With advanced features like line-item discounts and on-demand invoice printing, OSAS 8 Accounts Receivable will simplify your workflow and save you time.

Accounts Receivable features:

  • Apply sales discounts to individual items by percentage or amount and then print the discounted amount on the invoice along with the original calculated price
  • Compare results from multiple years by company, product line, or sales category
  • Include the US postal service PostNet barcode under the address of the recipient on plain paper forms you print
  • Enter or edit invoices and credit memos and view invoices with transaction processing from a single menu
  • Discount any line-item by dollar amount or percentage and print the discount on the invoice
  • Use the drill-down features in general ledger to simplify the process of linking GL transactions to the sales line items, invoice totals and cash receipt transactions that generated them, creating a complete audit trail for sales and payment transactions

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From ACH transactions to direct deposit of payroll checks, from Positive Pay support to Magnetic Ink Character Recognition capabilities, OSAS 8 Banking provides a total solution for secure electronic banking.

Automatic Clearing House (ACH) delivery of payments made to your vendors or received from your customers gives you the ability to transmit electronic payments to your bank using a standard, secure system that is both highly reliable and efficient. You can also pay invoices by credit card.

A fraud control and loss prevention measure, Positive Pay allows you to build a file (formatted to your bank’s specifications) that you can transmit to your bank for the authorization of check payments. The file contains information about each check (such as check number and amount) that your bank verifies before honoring it. Reconciliation Import enables you to use files downloaded from your bank to automatically clear transactions that have been processed by the bank. A great time-saver!

Banking features:

  • Create a Positive Pay file to transmit to your bank for check payment authorization.
  • Reduce time and entry errors by automatically clearing transactions with bank-provided reconciliation data.
  • Automatically synchronize and clear transactions that have been written to your bank reconciliation journal.
  • Import reconciliation data from ASCII files into Bank Reconciliation with the Cleared Transactions function.
  • Use an ACH file to pay your vendors electronically when you have chosen the electronic vendor check delivery method.

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Bank Reconciliation

Reconcile bank statements and General Ledger accounts with the Bank Reconciliation application for OSAS 8. Track an unlimited number of bank accounts, void checks before they are sent or after they are posted, and review total debits posted to General Ledger for each period.

Bank Reconciliation features:

  • Define information for processing ACH payments to vendors and from customers for streamlined, simplified processing(requires the Banking application).
  • Keep your banking information safe and secure from hacker threats and identity thieves; your account numbers are stored in encrypted tables accessible only from OSAS 8 functions.
  • Define your own default descriptions, making data entry faster.
  • Print bank deposit reports when Accounts Receivable and Sales Order are interfaced with Bank Reconciliation.
  • Use the drill-down features in General Ledger to simplify the process of linking GL transactions to the deposit, disbursement, adjustment, and transfer transactions that generated them, providing a complete audit trail for bank reconciliation transactions.
  • Track your credit card purchases from within Bank Reconciliation, much as you would deposits and disbursements from a checking account. Charges on your cards are posted from Accounts Payable or Purchase Order, and you can use the reconciliation functions to reconcile with your credit card statements.

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Fixed Assets

You need tools to analyze the tax and cash-flow implications of assets before you acquire them and, once you have them, to track their valuation and depreciation. OSAS 8 Fixed Assets helps you decide when to buy, when to lease, and how to manage your capital for maximum return. You’ll also have the full range of financial and management reports to manage your assets and meet tax reporting requirements.

Forecasting tools help you evaluate leases, amortize loans, and experiment with depreciation strategies before you make a capital commitment. You can also retire assets at any time, track the difference between estimated depreciable and actual service life, and calculate the cost or proceeds from the retirement of an asset.

You’ll also stay up-to-date with tax law changes. Fixed Assets provides a set of IRS-supplied depreciation tables and supports MACRS, straight-line, sum-of-the-year digits, and declining balance recovery methods.

Fixed Assets features:

  • Eliminate manual journal entries. The OSAS 8 general ledger interface records accumulated.
  • Group related assets for reporting purposes or link additions and adjustments to original assets by using multiple-part asset IDs.
  • Modify the system to conform to the way your business is organized with user-definable location fields.
  • Optionally post to last-year General Ledger files.
  • Increase the power and versatility of Fixed Assets by integrating it with other OSAS 8 applications; connecting with General Ledger lets you look up and verify GL account numbers from Fixed Assets, post book depreciation information, and update your accumulated depreciation expense accounts automatically.

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OSAS 8 Distribution


What do you have in stock? Where is it located? How much is it worth? You need the answers to these questions in order to manage your inventory effectively. The OSAS 8 Inventory application gives you the timely and accurate information you need to make sound purchasing, production, and sales decisions. You can track every aspect of your inventory, helping you make a positive impact on your bottom line.

Receipts are posted in real-time, so they’re immediately available. When tracking an order, you can access detailed descriptions for each item. You’ll know at a glance the item quantities in use, committed, and on order. You’ll even be able to recommend alternative item options.

Inventory features:

  • Quickly satisfy your customers by providing them accurate and timely information when you access on-hand inventory quantities.
  • Retain unlimited movement history for ten separate transaction types: sales and credits, purchases and debits, builds and issues, material requisitions, transfers in and out, and adjustments.
  • Use unit conversions to buy in one unit and sell in another, meeting the specific needs of your customers.
  • Ensure consistency when maintaining units of measure at the item level when you use the Unit of Measure Codes function to set up units of measure.
  • You’ll have flexibility in your pricing structure with price matrixes, which allow you to assign different price levels to the same item.
  • Readily identify the products you purchase with lot tracking. Determine which vendor you purchased any given lot from, when it was received, when it will expire, and to whom it was sold.

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Purchase Order

Take complete control of your Purchase Order Processing, from the moment you decide to buy through the time the purchase is fully received and invoiced. When you add Purchase Order to Accounts Payable, you can specify and approve every aspect of orders you place with your vendors—every step of the way.

With the optional Landed Cost add-on, you can distribute the indirect costs of shipping (including shipping costs, entry costs, duties, brokerage fees, and taxes) to inventory items.

Detect shortages and incorrect invoices so that you only pay for the items you’ve received, and pay for those items only once. You can specify, confirm, and track every detail of an order you place with a vendor, indicate how you would like your goods shipped, and track your original order until it is completed.

Purchase Order features:

  • Save transaction time by receiving goods into inventory immediately with the Receive Goods feature, which allows you to sell the goods even before you’re invoiced for them.
  • Retrieve order information quickly with access to invoice and receipt-of-goods information through information windows.
  • Calculate required sales tax on each order.
  • Easily check on the status of a vendor’s PO. Search by vendor ID, purchase order number, receipt number, invoice number, or status. Drill-downs to line-items, serial numbers, and lot numbers are included.
  • Automatically generate requisitions in Purchase Order based on reorder information from Inventory, which you can then use to generate open orders.
  • Print purchase orders either on blank paper; which saves you the cost of pre-printed forms or on pre-printed forms for a more formal look.

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Sales Order

The success of your business depends on keeping your customers happy. You need to fill their orders promptly and answer their questions quickly. You need to be able to handle picking, packing, shipping, and tracking. The OSAS 8 Sales Order application gives you the means to do that. You’ll also benefit from efficient billing and cash receipts management.

You’ll fill customer orders promptly without losing track of commitments you made or terms you agreed upon. Backorder information is right at your fingertips; you will know exactly what is backordered and when it will ship.

Make an entry once and the system will produce a picking slip, an invoice and, if needed, a backorder. With the recurring orders feature, you’ll never have to re-enter standing orders or scheduled shipment orders.

Sales Order features:

  • Discount any line item by amount or percentage and print the discount on the invoice.
  • Eliminate down time with batch processing. Your staff can enter orders under one batch ID while another batch of orders is being processed and posted.
  • Enjoy easy and efficient order entry with quick entry and defaults on headers.
  • Access shipment tracking information via your web browser.
  • Enjoy easy and efficient order entry with quick entry and defaults on headers.

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OSAS 8 Assembly

Bill of Materials/Kitting

Save time and reduce errors with OSAS 8 Bill of Materials/Kitting, a fully-integrated application that allows wholesale distributors, retail distributors, and light manufacturers to define, build, and sell assemblies or kitted inventory items.

Improve your bidding success when you quickly assess the cost of assemblies and then use the History Report to compare anticipated costs with the actual costs associated with similar assemblies.

Bill of Materials/Kitting features:

  • Use the drill-down features to link GL transactions to the component issue and assembly production details that generated them, providing a complete audit trail for discrete manufacturing and assembly transactions.
  • Easily develop kits for sale. If necessary, you can adjust the content of each kit at order entry time.
  • Use kits in Sales Order transactions as defined, or change them as needed for each transaction.
  • Save time and ensure accuracy in maintaining document links using the document-checking features in the purge selected files function.
  • Change components for a group of select items with the global component replacement function. You can also remove components from and add components to a group of items.
  • Build non-serialized assemblies that contain serialized or non-serialized materials and components.

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Additional OSAS 8 Applications

Direct Deposit

The OSAS 8 Direct Deposit application is a Payroll companion application that makes payday easier for everyone. Your employees can choose to have their paychecks deposited directly to their bank account, or may elect to receive a portion as a live check. Employees have the benefit of knowing that their checks have been transmitted safely, while your payroll processing is shortened and made more secure. The process is handled quickly and efficiently through OSAS 8 Payroll; even manual checks can be deposited directly, and Direct Deposit vouchers ensure that a pay check cannot be lost or stolen.

You can give employees the choice of whether or not to participate. If they choose to have a portion of their pay deposited to their accounts and receive the remainder as a live check and they may elect to split deposit amounts between six different bank accounts in up to six different banks.

Direct Deposit features:

  • Create deposits by dollar amounts or percentages; the information can be changed at any time once a test run or “prenote” has been approved by the bank.
  • Manage documents by saving PDF or text versions of printed vouchers.
  • Gain flexibility in managing and securing stored copies of printed forms with document folders separated by form type and company.
  • Accommodate various bank standards by creating or excluding the ‘627’ record in the ACH file.
  • Get a breakdown of each employee’s account by using the ACH file creation report.
  • Run the check register after checks are printed and file the hard copy for a final audit trail.

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Job Cost

With Job Cost you get all the information you need to maintain profitability by calculating variances between actual and estimated costs and revenues. You’ll know the status of a job, how much it’s estimated to cost, what it actually costs, the billing status, and the gross profit. You can adjust estimated or actual period-to-date, month-to-date, or job-to-date costs. The costs may include labor dollars, material or equipment costs, overhead, and miscellaneous expenses.

You can produce timely reports that help you analyze costs more closely; you’ll bid accurately on future jobs because you’ll have all the details of similar jobs you’ve done in the past. You can also determine which jobs and contracts are completed at a glance by producing an up-to-date job list.

Job Cost features:

  •  Base overhead allocation on labor hours, labor dollars, material cost, or on any of the 99 cost types that you can define. 
  • Easily create new jobs/phases with a copy feature that copies estimate information from an existing job/phase.
  • Set up a work in process and finished goods account for each job/phase record.
  • Print posted transactions, unposted transactions, or both with the Cost Detail Report and Billing Detail Report.
  • Add or change jobs, phases, and cost codes from other functions where the IDs are entered.
  • Get a detailed audit trail with the Job/Phase Adjustments function. Enter costs as you incur them and billings as you invoice and update start and finish dates. If Job Cost is interfaced with other OSAS 8 applications, these fields are updated when you post

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Contractor's Job Cost

You can use Contractors’ Job Cost (CJC) to find profitable jobs and then keep the profit in the job by maintaining control over your operations. You can’t be on site every day, and with CJC you don’t have to be. When it’s “make it or break it,” CJC can help you win the contract, see the project through, and realize a healthy profit. Maximize CJC’s performance by integrating it with other OSAS 8 modules.

With CJC you can save money and stay informed. Timely, detailed information lets you know the status of each job. Job Detail reports show you every cost a job has incurred, alert you to excessive costs before they get out of hand, and compare your expenses to your estimates. You don’t have to wait for monthly reports. And, you can minimize your overruns. You’ll also save time and data entry costs because the reports you need are included in the system: no need to keep information in a number of separate spreadsheets.

Contractor's Job Cost features:

  • Improve your profit margin and reduce your billing problems with CJC change order tracking, built-in AIA billing worksheets, Job Invoicing, and Cost Plus Invoicing features.
  • Design a legally acceptable document for any state with a Release Form function when you interface with OSAS 8 Accounts Payable.
  • A code assigned per job or phase supports multiple WIP and COGS GL accounts.
  • Define pay rates in Payroll by determining the classifications and skill levels you want set up.
  • Determine at a glance how far along the job or phase is with the Percent Completion function.
  • Receive flexible periodic reporting with history files for union and worker’s compensation amounts when integrated with OSAS 8 Payroll.

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Enhanced Payroll Tax Reporting (EPTR)

Boost your productivity and eliminate hours of typing with OSAS 8 Enhanced Payroll Tax Reporting. Using this highly interactive reporting tool and your OSAS 8 Payroll data, you’ll get over 250 certified state and federal reports, which can be printed on plain paper or filed electronically through eFile.

You may spend up to one-third of your time preparing government reports. eFiling your reports has all the advantages of simplicity and none of the pitfalls of labor-intensive physical handling. With Enhanced Payroll Tax Reporting, you’ll immediately get all the reports you’re looking for.

Ensured compliance effectively eliminates the risk of reports being rejected and saves you refiling costs, fines, and penalties that may be enforced. Throw that old typewriter away. OSAS 8 Enhanced Payroll Tax Reporting just made your job a whole lot easier.

EPTR features:

  • Employer’s Annual Federal Unemployment Tax Return
  • Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return
  • 943 Record of Federal Tax Liability
  • Employee’s Withheld Allowance Certificate
  • Annual Return of Withheld Federal Income Tax
  • Earned Income Credit Advance Payment Certificate

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General Report Writer

Generate timely, meaningful reports quickly and easily with General Report Writer. You can perform sort, select, format, subtotal, and process control functions by using keywords, the building blocks that enable General Report Writer to create sophisticated reports. With full access to all your data files, General Report Writer can help you sort and analyze your information in almost unlimited ways. You’ll be able to gain control of your data to assess and analyze all aspects of your business. Combine and sort information from any of your OSAS 8 applications into unique reports and compare the information.

Built-in flexibility allows you to create custom reports easily; define your own formats using custom headers and footers. Add any number of data fields in any order and sort on any field or combination of fields. You can also adjust field spacing, stack multiple lines of output, or adjust page dimensions.

General Report Writer features:

  • Select information from any combination of files. You’ll have easy access to multiple files with a LINK feature. Link from order files to customer files to a salesperson’s file, all within one report. Specify logical selection criteria along the way.
  • Easily create reports with the PROMPT mode or with the new graphical drag-and-drop designer.
  • Output any report or selected data to delimited, ASCII, or WordPerfect formats for a smooth interface to other systems.
  • Power users can create reports quickly using the LIST mode. Others can use the assist function to pick and point for easy selection, and you’ll have improved readability due to embedded white space and comments.
  • Use the pre-defined reports as-is or as a model to build your own custom definitions.
  • You’ll appreciate the flexibility in system administration. Configuration maintenance lets you define users, devices, parameters, systems, terminals, and printer configurations.

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Web B2B

Easy to use and easy to modify, OSAS 8 Web B2B gives you an Internet interface to your OSAS 8 data. Your customers can access their sales, receivables, and inventory information through the Internet, saving everyone time. You control the information presented, including which companies can be accessed, which items will be available over the Internet, and more. Sales Order Entry is part of OSAS 8 Web B2B as well as inquiry screens from Inventory, Accounts Receivable, and Sales Order.

OSAS 8 Web B2B allows you to set up passwords for each of your customers that determine the functions to which each customer has access. You can also decide which of your companies can be accessed through the Internet. All you need to do is enter a default location for quantities and pricing and a default batch ID.

  • Determine the information to which your customers have access. You can turn off access for displaying credit information on the Customer General Information screen. You can also choose not to display outstanding balances.
  • Enable your customers to look up inventory information such as quantities and price/quantity breakdowns.
  • Print an invoice from History should one get lost or misplaced.
  • Let your customers view their Detail Aged Trial Balance to see what they owe.
  • Start a new order or add items to an order you’re working on with links to Order Entry from History Inquiry, Item Inquiry, and Order Inquiry.
  • Give customers a breakdown of the product lines for the items that are accessible by the Internet, enter a quantity to order, and then either recalculate the extended price of the line or submit the line into the order.

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Dashboards gives you a simplified snapshot of key business indicators. You can choose from over 70 predefined business widgets that capture business data from throughout OSAS 8 and present that data in a variety of formats. You can drill down to supporting source information quickly and easily.

Personalize your Dashboards by selecting and positioning the dashboard widgets you want to see, and configuring them to present precisely the information you need. Refresh all of the data with a single click, or set an automatic refresh rate. OSAS 8 Dashboards are part of our ongoing effort to make your data more accessible to you.

  • Move widgets, delete them, and re-add them whenever you want
  • Review information for multiple companies at the same time
  • Widgets automatically re-size to fit your screen and window
  • Enlarge or shrink widgets and fonts as needed
  • Start a new order or add items to an order you’re working on with links to Order Entry from History Inquiry, Item Inquiry, and Order Inquiry.
  • Save, email, and share data from a widget with one click

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Credit Card

As payment transactions move away from checks or cash to the use of credit or debit cards, you need a solution that keeps your customers and vendors happy. With built-in Credit Card processing for OSAS 8, you’ll improve your services and protect your clients. Contact your software solution provider for more information on how to make a credit card solution work for your company.

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