Traverse Master Mobile

Take control of your business with Shop Floor Management Software.

Reimagine how to take charge of your Shop Floor

With Traverse Master Mobile Shop Floor at your disposal you will quickly receive jobs, manage pictures, consume materials, and track the location of current jobs all from the power of your hand. Shop Floor Management Software has never been easier. Gain unique advantages such as simple to use tablet functions for your shop that allow you to get data into your system quickly and easily.

Master Shop Floor and Traverse Master Service Repair combine for superior shop floor control. Easily utilize technology on your shop floor and take charge of your business with the optional mobile functions Mobile Shop Floor has to offer.

Optional Mobile Functions:

  • Receive Jobs
  • Picture Management
  • Enter Material Charges
  • Track Equipment Locations
  • Remote Time Entry
  • QA/Inspection Checklist
  • Delivery Signature

Shop Floor Management Software features:

  • Scan, lookup, or select from a list of items associated with your estimate to quickly associate materials with jobs.
  • Capture and edit pictures during job entry.
  • Job numbers are automatically assigned so there is no more need to manually update job receiving logs.
  • Pictures are automatically saved to your job folder so you no longer need to download, rename, and copy photos all day.
  • Track multiple jobs or labor codes at the same time, review activity by employee then update jobs when complete.
  • Use QA Configurator to walk your staff through step by step instructions for QA and/or inspection check lists.
  • Identify where equipment or jobs are physically located in your shop.
  • Simply scan the job or equipment label, then the location, to let TRAVERSE MASTER know where the job is located.

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