Meat Processing Software

Get to the meat of the profits with Traverse

Managing a meat or poultry manufacturing operation is complex. Whether you’re looking for warehouse and freezer management, multiple units of measure, lot traceability, regulatory and compliance reports, or simply real-time data for your accounting team, Traverse Food Software provides you with the tools you need to manage your meat or poultry operation easily, efficiently, and profitably.

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Cover All The Bases

From multi-government regulations to keeping records of temperatures at time of receiving, Traverse Food will help you track the critical data you need to keep your products moving.

Lot Traceability

Traverse Food software provides your meat and poultry operation total lot traceability— including forward and backward traceability— for your by-products and finished products alike.

Regulatory Compliance

As you know, audit trails aren't just for accountants anymore. With the ability to attach and maintain documents of all kinds, Traverse Food software will help you stay on the auditor's good side.

It’s no bull. We aren’t chicken.

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