Traverse Portals

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Convenient mobile functionality for Traverse

Traverse Portals are web-based solutions for a variety of critical business functions. What can you do with Traverse integrated Portals?

  • Allow your customers to view sales information or to place orders online.
  • Sales reps can enter orders when they are away from the office, and get instant answers to customer inquiries online.
  • Improve your customer service and save time for both you and your clients by providing online access to data.
  • Cut administrative overhead costs by reducing the need for costly internal administrative resources.
  • Ensure privacy and security for your staff and customers with streamlined new user setup and custom menu access.
  • Take advantage of management-specific views for immediate access to mission-critical business information, through the web-browser or mobile device.

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Choose Traverse Portals for your business

To meet these needs, OSAS provides the following Traverse Portals:

  • Customer Inquiry / Order Entry
  • Sales Rep
  • Purchase Order Routings and Approval

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