Business Reporting Software

Sort, group, graph, and produce information from every Traverse application.

Master your data with Business Reporting Software

Featured in every Business Reporting Software application, the Traverse Interactive Views are highly configurable data inquiries that allow you to sort, group, and produce information according to your specific needs. While this quick, speedy on-screen resource often replaces the need to print information, the Interactive Views also provide a one-click option to produce beautifully formatted reports in a variety of formats (including .PDF, Excel spreadsheets, and more).

You can then save the view for later recall. These personalized views offer great efficiency in subsequent information retrieval, and can be shared with others in your organization.

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Key advantages to using Business Reporting Software to find data and create reports

  • Filter data in Interactive Views to retrieve only the information you need.
  • Arrange data rows, columns, and fields as needed to create a useful report.
  • Chart data in beautiful pivot views with adjustable styles and colors.
  • Preview your report on-screen to make sure it’s perfect, and then export into PDF, HTML, RTF, Excel, or an image file.
  • Save, recall, and share your views to produce the same report at a later date with refreshed, real-time data.

Interact with your data in a game-changing way.

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