Project Costing

Keeping tabs on jobs and projects is easy with Project Costing.

Project Costing is always on the project

Both a time billing and a job costing solution, Project Costing is a fully-integrated Traverse application that addresses the needs of companies tracking the progress of projects or jobs.

Project Costing Software allows you to define the structure of the project and to make decisions about what type of project it is, how the project accounting levels will accrue income and costs, and how billing will be handled. Interactive views provide actual project-to-date income, cost, and gross profit information compared to estimates. Retrieve income, cost, billing, and write-up/down information on a month-to-date, year-to-date, and project-to-date basis.

With Project Costing Software you can also create projects that are speculative in nature and change them to billable projects later. A simple entry screen gives you the ability to enter estimates at the project or task level; it shows both the current estimates and the revised estimates.

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Project Costing Software features:

  • Use the Transactions functions to enter material, expenses, and other activities directly.
  • Assign all tasks to one project manager, or delegate each task to a different manager.
  • Select from several transaction types, including Time and Material, Expense, and Other
  • Set up Time-and-Material or Fixed-Fee Projects.
  • Set up projects to accumulate administrative costs.
  • Assign different GL distribution codes to each project or task level.
  • Assign different tax classes to each project or task level.
  • Assign different cost and billing rates to each employee using user-defined descriptions.
  • Use the interactive view functions to obtain information about specific projects or tasks and drill-down for greater detail.
  • Enter time tickets using a time-saving batch processing capability.
  • Use Accounts Payable transaction entry to apply charges directly to projects or jobs.
  • Transfer materials directly from inventory to projects or jobs.
  • Gain better control of your work in process with automated billing of posted time and material charges.
  • Bill for deposits on projects.
  • Place billing holds on projects or tasks.
  • Create credit memos for Time-and-Material projects directly from the billing history file.
  • Apply deposits or advances directly against invoices in AR transaction entry.

Take control of your projects and jobs.

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