Point of Sale (POS) Software

Improve the profitability of your retail business with POS Software.

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POS Software is a computerized retail management system that takes advantage of the latest touch screen and scanning technologies, facilitating the rapid transaction processing necessary in a fast-paced retail environment. Traverse POS Software uses a distributed design that does not require a constant connection to the primary server and database, bringing you the stability and flexibility you need for high-volume business.

A POS System is the perfect solution to improve the profitability of your retail business. It provides streamlined transaction entry (sales, returns, layaways, and quotes) and the ability to quickly find information through robust reporting and lookup functions. With POS Software you will be able to capture complete transaction details at the point of sale, and transaction history and real-time database records are stored indefinitely so your data is always available for reporting and analysis.

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POS System Software features:

  • Tender payments for transactions in any currency supported by your company. Choose which currencies you will accept and manage the exchange rates for those currencies.
  • Interface to a wide variety of authorized credit card processors, or coordinate with a different provider of your choosing to integrate their solution with Traverse.
  • Create invoices, returns, quotes, and layaways from the same menu.
  • Track voided transactions.
  • Enjoy full support for Traverse pricing models and structures.
  • Use date-based promotional pricing.
  • Process for any payment type: cash, credit card, store credit, gift cards, coupons, and more.
  • Accept multiple payment types on any transaction.
  • Deploy with support for touch screen monitors, cash drawers, scanners, card readers, and other automation hardware.
  • Produce full page invoice formats as well as register-style receipts.
  • Define receipt header and footer information for each terminal printer.

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