Warehouse Management Software

Get control of picking, packing, shipping, and more for your warehouse management system.

Store, pick, pack, and ship with much less time and effort

With Traverse Warehouse Management System (WMS), consistently prompt order fulfillment is within your reach. This application improves efficiency in picking, packing, and shipping orders by streamlining day-to-day activities and maximizing the productivity of your warehouse staff.

With Warehouse Management Software, you can track inventory items by bins and containers, designating the items that move in and out of inventory. You’ll be able to prepare pick lists for items that need to be picked for sales orders, transfers, material requisitions, and other transaction types; once a group of items has been extracted, you can print a master picking list that shows the inventory items to be picked.

After picking the items, you can enter shipped quantities either by order number or by item ID. If you are using bin and container tracking, you can indicate the bin and container the items were picked from. Those items are then marked as shipped in interfaced Traverse applications.

  • When new inventory items arrive in your warehouse, orders are recorded as they come in.
  • You have the flexibility to choose how you receive items: by item ID or by purchase order number.

Warehouse Management System features:

  • Print a report of item quantities to help you determine how best to satisfy item demand.
  • Flexibility to search for orders when you don’t have all the information (for example, you know only the quantity shipped but not the item ID).
  • Drill through to view several layers of item detail at one time.
  • Identify sources of item demand, track down overages or losses, and view related movement activity.
  • View orders released by another user and workstation ID.
  • Get more accurate accounting by assigning the costs of transit to either the source or destination location when transferring items between locations.
  • Enter adjustments to inventory item quantities due to loss, breakage, or accidental over-shipments.

Take control of your warehouse.

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