Product Configurator Software

Discover how Traverse Configurator gives you the ability to supply new and existing customers with the right products at the right time and price.

Can your products be built or packaged in a variety of ways? Do your service offerings contain configurations that affect other options? Then Traverse Configurator is for you. Configurator helps you create prompted rules and constraint-based workflow processes for the entry of the following types of transactions:

  • Sales Orders
  • Manufactured Orders
  • Service Repair Jobs

Configurator guides your users through the configuration process by offering simple questions based on rules and constraints set up for the items and services being ordered. Once completed and approved, Traverse creates new sales order line items and, if applicable, new item IDs, bills of material, and production orders.

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Let Configurator simplify your sales, ordering, and repair processes

Enter complex orders with minimal training - Configurator walks you through the order entry process presenting options that help ensure that products ordered can actually be assembled.

No need to setup Item IDs and bills of material - Configurator will automatically create a custom Item ID and BOM for the product you are assembling rather than having to pre-build items and bills for every possible combination you might sell.

Specific pricing - Custom pricing can be setup based on options selected and formulas associated with pre-defined rules

Customer-specific configurations - Pricing, parts and assembly options can be setup specific to individual customer’s needs.

Upsell options - Use Configurator to present order entry operator’s optional items to sell based on a customer’s order.

Capture quality control information - Using our optional mobile technology, capture QC items when providing service - either in your shop or out with customers. You can also use Configurator to provide checklists, pdf documents, pictures and videos to your techs ensuring the work gets done right.

Configure, customize, and conquer

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