Bill of Materials/Kitting

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Your manufacturing business depends on your ability to supply existing customers and attract new customers with the right products at the right time for the right price. Bill of Materials/Kitting can help you do just that. It is a fully integrated application that allows wholesale and retail distributors—as well as light manufacturers— to define, build, and sell “kitted” inventory items based upon a formula. Bill of Materials is fully integrated with Traverse Inventory and Sales Order.

Increase the number of options you can offer by using the Bill of Materials/Kitting component information. It gives you the ability to mix and match related assemblies into a single kit. Easily determine whether you have enough stock to assemble an order, or use the “available to build” function to determine how many of any given item you can build. It’s easy to review a bill of material or print a list of all components required for a particular assembly.

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Bill of Materials/Kitting features:

  • Build fully-costed finished goods by including component costs as well as labor costs.
  • Define kits and then use them on Sales Order transactions as defined, or change them as needed for each transaction; once a kit has been sold to a customer, the kit definition can be retrieved from previous transactions in history as well.
  • Assess the cost of assemblies and then use the Transaction History Report in Traverse Inventory to compare anticipated costs with the actual costs associated with similar assemblies.
  • Maintain accurate inventory quantities for your assemblies or raw materials.
  • Relieve materials and receive finished goods in one process.
  • Build non-serialized assemblies that contain serialized or non-serialized materials and components.
  • Build serialized assemblies that contain serialized or non-serialized components and materials.
  • Change components for a group of select items with the global replacement of items.
  • Set up your kits with unique inventory numbers and include an unlimited number of components, each with its own item number.
  • Separately track the costs of the components and assign the price to the kit.

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