S. Clyde Weaver

S. Clyde Weaver: Going to Market with TRAVERSE

In 1920 S. Clyde and Emma Weaver decided to “take the little they had and go to market." They started a business out of their home in East Petersburg, PA and peddled fresh meat to Lancaster City’s Northern Market. They added bacon, dried beef, bologna and cheeses to their business and expanded it over the next 30 years.

Today, in its 3rd generation, S. Clyde Weaver is currently owned by Daniel Neff and employs 200-250 people. The store has come a long way since S. Clyde and Emma peddled their meat in Lancaster. They now have 400-500 products they bring to 8 different markets, sell in two stores, serve in their café on Main Street and make available across the United States through their online store. They have also added a smokehouse and refrigerated space.

Chuck Shupp, the CFO of S. Clyde Weaver, met Daniel Neff through a Bible study group and was invited to join the Weaver team five years ago. He had a background in the food industry and was impressed with the values and work ethics maintained at the company. The two goals Chuck had when he started were to “Get a new Accounting Manager and get S. Clyde Weaver into the 21st century with computers.”

Two years ago, in order to take advantage of new accounting technology, inventory tracking and greater historical information for their business, S. Clyde Weaver implemented TRAVERSE Business and Accounting Software from Open Systems, Inc. “One of the main reasons we chose to use TRAVERSE was because of the great technology and its compatibility with an SQL Server database,” said Chuck.

Finding a solution through the help of an old friend

One day, Chuck went to lunch with his good friend Mike Bailey who recommended he get in touch with Michael and Jason Groff at his company, Technology Solutions LLC, to learn more about TRAVERSE Business and Accounting Software. Chuck was impressed! He said, “All of the information we needed was going to be in one place through a product built on the technology of today.”

Chuck had also accomplished his goal of hiring an Accounting Manager when Jeremy Brubaker was brought on board. Once the decision was made to implement TRAVERSE, Chuck turned things over to Jeremy to work with Mike, Michael, and Jason. Jeremy said, “TRAVERSE did everything I expected right out of the chute. The potential for data recapturing is huge!”

Jeremy said the consistency between modules allowed him to easily train other employees and share the power of TRAVERSE. “We had just accepted our previous way of doing things, but we can now drill down to get as much information as we want and need throughout the layout, workflow, and design studio modules.”

Chuck concurred saying, “We love the layout, reporting, and network of support we receive. It took us a little longer to get used to, but TRAVERSE makes us do things right the first time to get all of the accurate information we are looking for.”

Keeping track of needs from every angle

S. Clyde Weaver has a very large inventory to keep track of as well as being the sole importer of Old Quebec Canadian Cheddar cheese. They are a wholesaler for this product throughout the United States, and need to be able to track aged inventory. Although they started by using the payroll function of TRAVERSE, because of these specific requirements, they moved beyond payroll to use inventory, accounting, and lot tracking.

Chuck Shupp said they were looking for software that would show them the numbers they need to see for every aspect of their business. “We are involved with retail, wholesale, production, and distribution through several different channels. We needed a product that could help us gather the information we need for every aspect of the company.”

Continuing the tradition

Now that they have been using TRAVERSE for two years, they are thrilled. “We can figure out sales from the cost side! We could never do that before.” Chuck said that he finds himself taking it for granted, at times, that he is now able to access all of the information he wants.

Chuck and Jeremy said their old system could not even compare to TRAVERSE. "The network of support we have received from Technology Solutions LLC and the employees at Open Systems, Inc. is top notch. The work Mike Bailey provided up front saved us a lot of headaches and couldn’t have gone any smoother. We appreciate all of the support we received. Your employees shine.”

As the fourth generation of the Weaver family prepares to take over, the experts at Technology Solutions LLC and TRAVERSE software from Open Systems, Inc. are also prepared to grow and evolve so S. Clyde and Emma Weaver’s products can continue to “go to market."

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