Raven's Brew Coffee

Raven's Brew CoffeeRaven’s Brew Coffee began with enthusiasm in a town very much in need of a fresh hot cup: Ketchikan, Alaska (average annual rainfall of 152 inches). Michael Beech, founder of the company, wanted to present the coffee as closely as possible to the experience of the coffee. He teamed up with Ray Troll, a local artist, who created the logo of a Raven rising, like a phoenix, from a steaming cup of coffee.

As Raven’s Brew grew, they needed to upgrade their accounting system. Raven’s Brew Coffee was using an older system with no CRM and as an expanding business they were finding a need for this. Judy Burkhart, co-owner of Raven’s Brew Coffee, said, “We really wanted to have the ability to track prospects and the activity of current customers.”

As Raven’s Brew Coffee researched accounting software, they found it difficult to find one that was big enough to fit their needs, but it also couldn’t be too big. Traverse Business and Accounting Software from OSAS, Inc. was the first software they found that was just the right size for their business. Not only was Traverse the right size, but the fact that CRM would match up with Accounting was a major selling point.

Traverse has been implemented in many aspects of the company including Customer Service, Accounting, and Production. She anticipates that after time they will see a lot of growth because of the software. There is still a learning curve right now because most departments within the company aren’t used to tracking information, but they are already anticipating the long-term rewards to be extremely beneficial.

Raven’s Brew Coffee went live on Traverse 11 a few months ago. Judy said, “Although we are still in the discovery phase with Traverse, we are enamored of it!” Judy said that she and her colleagues get excited every time they discover a new view or figure out how to track particular sales. “We are very much enjoying this learning process.”

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