MATTCO Manufacturing

MATTCO Manufacturing: Rigging their way to success with TRAVERSE

MATTCO Manufacturing has been an independent manufacturer specializing in the oilfield service industry since 1947. Tammy Ahlgren’s father purchased the company in the 1980s and Tammy is continuing the legacy as she and her husband, Jason, are now the owners of MATTCO.

MATTCO provides a multitude of products, all proudly made in the USA, from custom engineered components to complete OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) solutions for many of the world’s largest reciprocating pump and drawworks equipment companies. Taken as a system, MATTCO products improve drilling efficiency and safety, reduce cost through decreased wear and tear on equipment and notify the user of any problems in real-time.

They sell their products directly to some users but the majority of their clientele are pump manufacturers who purchase their components for mud pumps and the drilling process. The employees of MATTCO also focus their time on their patents (maintenance-free suction stabilization and control manifold and combination dampeners) and selling their customizable product lines.

Over time, MATTCO has grown as a company. They have an engineering design team, complete weld shop, many manual and CNC machines and 66 employees. They began using Open Systems Accounting Software (OSAS) from Open Systems, Inc. in 1994. As the company has grown, Tammy and her team realized the need for additional tools in their system and upgraded in 2014 to TRAVERSE from Open Systems, Inc.

A “life-changing” decision

As the President of MATTCO, Tammy has had trouble in the past accessing all of the information she needed quickly without searching through long lists and paper files. Now, with the TRAVERSE dashboard and search functions she has experienced a “huge leap forward!” Tammy said, “The implementation of TRAVERSE has been life-changing!” As the President and owner, she feels like she has all of the info she needs at her fingertips. With the information being readily available to access data on open orders, top customers and invoices, Tammy saves a great amount of time, “I no longer have to spend a lengthy amount of time searching multiple places to find the information I need.”

Improving day-to-day

Along with Tammy and Jason, there are about ten other people on MATTCO’s team that use TRAVERSE Accounting Software for various aspects of their jobs. Within the company, TRAVERSE is used for entering purchase orders and sales orders as well as for information generation and queries.

The reporting tools in TRAVERSE, coupled with the import/export capabilities, help MATTCO to get the information they need in less time. “The day-to-day entering of orders has improved for our employees,” Tammy said, “as well as time saved with the ability to export to Excel to manipulate data.”

By taking advantage of all of these capabilities of TRAVERSE, Tammy and her crew are saving time. This allows MATTCO to focus on improving their products, sustaining relationships with customers and helping their community through events like their Annual Oilfield Charity Cook-Off.

A relationship rigged to last

The upgrade to TRAVERSE has not only improved the day-to-day work experience for the employees of MATTCO Manufacturing, but has also allowed Open Systems, Inc. to continue a 20+ year relationship with the company.

With the capability to customize TRAVERSE, Open Systems, Inc. was able to give MATTCO the tools they need to run their business as smoothly as possible. Tammy said, “It is wonderful being able to get all of the reports, the searching power is fabulous and the strides forward are immeasurable.” Open Systems, Inc. is excited to continue to support the growth of MATTCO Manufacturing and sustain this relationship for years to come.

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