Headsetters™: Keeping the World Connected with Technology, Keeping the Books Straight with TRAVERSE

“Quality shows. Reliability pays off. Honesty, Integrity and Commitment to our customers makes a difference.” With this credo in mind, Headsetters™ of Omaha, Nebraska has grown from a regional provider of telemarketing equipment to an industry-leading provider of telecommunications technology, service, and expertise with an impressive list of large clients nationwide.

Gone are the days of one headset that fits all needs. Now, people on the move need their telecommunications demands met with wireless, Bluetooth, conference equipment, USB-compatible equipment, and amplifiers just to name a few.

Formed in 1992 as Telemarket Resources International, Headsetters tackles all of those needs, and serves a wide variety of industries including banking, insurance, call centers, healthcare, transportation, and communications.

“We’re primarily a national reseller for telephone headsets,” says Paul Smith, head accountant for Headsetters. “We sell and repair the major brands, and all the accessories that go with it.” In spite of the wide variety of equipment and services that Headsetters provides, Smith is able to manage the accounting with another staff member and TRAVERSE business and accounting software from Open Systems, Inc.

TRAVERSE keeps up with Headsetters

Headsetters has used TRAVERSE for almost 15 years, keeping up with trends in accounting technology as they blazed trails in the telecommunications industry. “The version of TRAVERSE we use has only one modification, so it’s practically an out-of-the-box installation,” says Smith. “We’ve been very pleased with it.”

With inventory and accounting unified in one system, Headsetters is able to keep their system under one umbrella with TRAVERSE. “We love the integration,” says Smith. “The salespeople all do order entry directly into the TRAVERSE system.” From that point on, inventory, shipping, and billing are all easily accessible when it is time for Smith to manage the books.

Since Headsetters accomplishes their mission with only 11 employees, including the owner, a streamlined system is critical to their success. With TRAVERSE, the unified system makes business easier, from the first call for assistance to the final invoice.

Simplified, foolproof auditing

Smith also likes TRAVERSE’s strict adherence to rigorous accounting principles. “I like the audit trails and the accountability of TRAVERSE,” says Smith. “I’ve been in accounting since 1977, and I’ve used numerous software packages over the years. I love the fact that TRAVERSE makes sure that you’re compliant at every step.”

Unlike many other solutions, TRAVERSE allows the user to keep audit trails intact by restricting manipulation of data. “I’ve used off-the-shelf stuff that you can make it say what you want it to say,” says Smith. “With TRAVERSE, it’s easy to keep our audit trail.”

A long-standing service relationship

Headsetters has worked with Open Systems since 2000, and takes advantage of the services and training offered by the manufacturer of their TRAVERSE solution. “I do like the service I get from Open Systems,” says Smith. “They’re always willing to help, and don’t give up until I get an answer.” Smith has also participated in the Open Systems Customer Conference, which provided him with more training as well as one-on-one time with a variety of business experts ready to provide answers and information.

“This conference has been good,” says Smith. “The people in this company are just the friendliest people and the most helpful. I really appreciate the way Open Systems is run.”

Open Systems is pleased to support Headsetters’ growth, and we look forward to many more years of fruitful collaboration with Omaha’s powerhouse of telecommunications.

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