American MTS

American MTS Continues its Quest for Customer Service Perfection with Traverse Global Service

American MTS was founded in 1972 as American Rewinding in Monroe, NC. What started as a business serving the textile industry has exploded into the most diverse electro-mechanical apparatus repair service available in North Carolina and South Carolina. Purchased in 2002 by Michael Huber and his partners, American MTS has grown their revenues tenfold through innovation and acquisition.

“The main products we repair are motors and transformers,” said owner Mike Huber. “We also work on pumps and gear boxes.”

American MTS is also unique as the first organization in North Carolina accredited by the Electrical Apparatus Service Association, which requires a rigorous licensing process and ongoing compliance checks. “EASA Accreditation allows us to differentiate ourselves as a shop that follows the recommended practices for the best repairs,” said Huber. “For us, it’s a big deal.”

To help them achieve peak efficiency, American MTS has relied on their friends at Application Computer Systems (ACS) and their product Global Service, the industry-leading integrated accounting system for apparatus repair shops. “We bought ACS Master initially in 2006, and that was a huge step forward for us,” said Huber. “It helped us get a handle on our costs, and helped us make money. It’s been a big part of our growth.”

American MTS sticks with Traverse Global Service

ACS joined software development company OSAS in 2014, and Mike Huber was excited by the possibility of working with an updated product. “ACS Master always felt like it was a little bit behind the times because it was developed on an old platform,” said Huber. “But it worked. It was a huge help to our business.” Kent Stallo, the owner of ACS at that time, explained the advantages a new technological framework for Global Service would provide, and Huber agreed to be a beta-tester of the new Traverse Global Service product.

“We saw a web demo of Traverse Global Service and we thought it was cool,” said Huber, “but what really sold us was attending the OSAS Customer Conference in 2014. We learned about some of the new features like Interactive Views and Info-Alert, and we knew it would be a good fit.”

The move wasn’t without apprehension, of course, but it paid off. “I thought, okay, the service repair part of ACS Master is very cool and robust and does a lot of things, and hopefully moving that functionality over into Traverse Global Service goes well, and it really did,” said Huber. “Traverse Global Service is an excellent product.”

Helping to get the transition right

Changing software systems isn’t easy, but American MTS took the challenge in stride. “In my opinion, it was a very smooth transition to Traverse Global Service,” said Huber. “We asked ourselves, ‘We’ve got this old system that works, why are we changing?’ Well, because Traverse Global Service is incredibly robust, it’s got all kinds of features, it’s going to save us time, and that’s really what it came down to.”

“Mike and his team have been instrumental to us getting this transformation right,” said Kent Stallo, now ACS Division Manager at OSAS. “American MTS provided invaluable input on how processes and features in Traverse Master could be improved.”

A new way to access information

Mike Huber was quick to take advantage of Interactive Views, one of the key developments in Traverse Global Service. Interactive Views allow the user to pull up real-time data, change lookup options as needed, and then print, save, or send the information in a variety of formats.

“The Interactive Views allow you to look things up and get to them so quickly,” said Huber, “and they allow you to drill-down to get more information.” Interactive Views represent a new kind of reporting that satisfies the needs for periodic financial reports and quick, on-screen lookups with equal finesse.

Info-Alert to the rescue

Huber and his team have also taken advantage of Info-Alert, a feature that monitors Traverse Global Service data and takes a variety of automatic actions as needed. “It’s helped us to really keep on track,” said Huber.

To give a few examples, American MTS has configured Info-Alert to automatically send customers quotes that need approval, to email reminders to customers about late payments, to send employees updates on job statuses, and more.

“I like the way Info-Alert pushes information,” said Huber. “It pushes information to customers. It pushes information to us, so we don’t have to take the time to look it up. It’s completely configurable. It’s managing the information and putting it in people’s hands. It’s such an awesome feature, and the competitive systems have nothing even close to it.”

Partnering with OSAS for a bright future

Just as American MTS seeks to constantly improve their processes, they are working with OSAS on exciting improvements to Traverse Global Service. “The Service Repair functionality in Traverse Global Service is great, and we’re working on more mobile integration with the system.” Right now, Huber and his team are providing input on new tablet-based job input and configurator options to speed up job entry and processing, as well as enhancements to job scheduling functionality.

American MTS has a history of only settling for the best, as exemplified by their growth and their rigor in achieving EASA accreditation. OSAS is pleased to help them carry on both their own tradition of success as well as the respected name of ACS Master through the new Traverse Global Service apparatus repair solution.