Payroll Software

Take care of your employees while keeping up with current reporting requirements.

Payroll Processing is a critical part of your all-in-one Traverse system

Payroll Software gives you total flexibility in taking care of your employees while helping you stay current with reporting requirements. In addition to printing checks and paying employees, you can easily maintain detailed records with clear audit trails, track paid time off, and keep up-to-date with tax law changes. Payroll Processing Software can handle it all. You can analyze payroll expenses and employee productivity to help control costs and review expense distribution. When coupled with the Traverse Banking application, you can pay by direct deposit.

You can use Payroll Processing Software to produce detailed reports to help you plan and generate a budget. Manage your expenses efficiently by tracking FUTA, SUI, Medicare, and Social Security costs, as well as earnings, by department. You decide whether to calculate scheduled deductions as a fixed amount, a percentage of gross pay, an hourly rate, or a declining balance. You can easily produce W-2s printed on forms or in magnetic media format to meet federal requirements. Traverse payroll services stores important employee information like rate changes and education levels, giving you a quick and convenient source of human resource information.

You’ll have the flexibility to set up your payroll processing according to your terms. Define pay codes for regular, overtime, double-time, sick, vacation, or any other payment method for hourly employees. Unlimited user-definable deductions are allowed per company, as well as taxable and/or nontaxable earnings codes and an option for fixed federal, state, and local withholdings. Payroll Services also features full table and formula-based configuration, allowing you to meet most special reporting and deduction needs without extensive customization.

Payroll Software Features:

  • Quickly find information and create clear, detailed reports using Traverse’s new interactive views.
  • Reduce data entry errors by importing time card and payroll information from external programs.
  • Tailor your interface and create unlimited user-defined fields using the Traverse Design Studio.
  • Take advantage of Traverse maintenance for worry-free updating of tax tables and codes.
  • Use multiple states and localities for employee/employer taxes.
  • Automatically accrue paid time off hours with complete audit trail.
  • Perform formula-based tax routines.
  • Print multiple checks per employee per payroll run.
  • Use an unlimited number of earnings codes, including overtime.
  • Pay employees with flexible rates and shift differentials.
  • Prepare configurable state unemployment reports.
  • Process employer deductions such as 401(k).
  • Enter recurring time tickets.
  • Set up taxable and/or nontaxable earnings codes.
  • Set fixed federal, state, and local withholdings.
  • Process payroll in the new year before printing W-2s for the old year.
  • Track unlimited quarters of history on payroll checks.
  • Produce monthly and quarterly check registers.

Studies show that employees who get paid are happier.

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