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TRAVERSE ERP for Manufacturing

Manufacturing Software with Integrated ERP

Whether you need a make to stock, assemble to order, make-to-order, job shop, engineer-to-order, or project manufacturing software solution, TRAVERSE Manufacturing ERP software will help ensure you produce the right quantities in either single or mixed-mode manufacturing environments. TRAVERSE Manufacturing gives you the flexibility to not only streamline your processes and help reduce costs, but also helps you manage compliance and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

We understand specialty manufacturing businesses and their unique needs. We have a solution that will meet your needs as a manufacturer, from chocolatiers to mattress manufacturers, from convenience food to personal care products, and everything in between.

Industry Solutions

The TRAVERSE Manufacturing software suite has many features designed for industry-specific manufacturing environments, including:

  • Broccoli Food Processing

    Food Processing

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing


  • Flexible Packaging

    Flexible Packaging

  • Cosmetics and Personal Care


  • Animal Health

    Animal Health

  • Mattress Manufacturing

    Mattress Manufacturing

  • Metal Manufacturing


  • Paperboard Packaging

    Paperboard Packaging

Food Processing

TRAVERSE Food is your food processing software, your food distribution software, and your food management software all-in-one at an affordable price.

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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

A manufacturing, distribution and accounting solution, including regulatory controls, batch traceability, barcodes, warehouse management and inventory control.

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Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging distributors now have a software system for timely business intelligence, integrated accounting, and manufacturing/distribution capabilities.

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Cosmetics & Personal Care Products Manufacturing

TRAVERSE Cosmetics & Personal Care is a feature-rich solution to help you track costs and ingredients, process and distribute orders, and more.

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Mattress Manufacturing

Streamline your bedding manufacturing business with model maintenance, bill of materials, order-driven scheduling, and web-based interfaces for the shop floor.

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Metal Manufacturing

Metal manufacturers and fabricators have a complete TRAVERSE solution with true custom job shop manufacturing, sales orders, inventory, reports, and more.

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Animal Health

Meet your veterinarian pharmaceutical needs with regulatory controls, batch traceability, master formula control, warehouse management, and inventory control.

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Paperboard Packaging

Configure products and estimates for any paperboard packaging operation including corrugators, folding carton plants, fulfillment, POP displays, and more.

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Real-Time Intelligence for your Manufacturing Business

Manufacturers face new challenges every day. Whether you need help reducing costs or managing compliance mandates, you need to respond quickly to both changes in the manufacturing industry, as well as the demands of your customers. TRAVERSE ERP for manufacturing lets you make faster, more knowledgeable decisions by giving you a complete view of your company in real time.

With TRAVERSE Manufacturing software, you can help your business stay competitive more easily with:

  • Forward and backward
    lot traceability
  • Make-to-order or
    mixed-mode options
  • Reduced costs and
    increased margins
  • Managed inventory across
    multiple locations
  • Integrated scales and
    other hardware
  • Attached regulatory and compliance reports

Manufacturing Applications

When you choose the flexible and scalable TRAVERSE ERP system as your manufacturing software solution, you can penetrate new markets, gain and maintain customer loyalty, and improve your ability to serve your existing customers. With applications designed specifically for the manufacturing industry, you can be more efficient and more productive, regardless of the size and scope of your manufacturing channel.

Your business needs are covered with these manufacturing applications, which are fully integrated with our ERP and accounting solutions:

Bill of Materials / Kitting for Manufacturing

Save time and reduce errors with TRAVERSE Bill of Materials/Kitting, a fully integrated application that allows wholesale distributors, retail distributors, and light manufacturers to define, build and sell assemblies or kitted inventory items. Set up assemblies and kits using unique inventory numbers, an unlimited number of components, and globally replaceable items.

Bill of Materials / Kitting allows you to:

  • Change components for a group of select items with the global replacement of items.
  • Build fully costed, finished goods by including component costs as well as labor costs.
  • Maintain accurate inventory quantities for your assemblies or raw materials.
  • Build non-serialized assemblies that contain either serialized or non-serialized materials and components.

Routing and Resources for Manufacturing

TRAVERSE Routing and Resources defines elements such as work centers, labor, machinery, and tooling. Take control with the flexible overhead calculation, user-definable shop calendars, flexible costing algorithms, and multiple subcontractor vendor tracking capabilities.

With Routing and Resources for Manufacturing, you’ll be able to:

  • Interface with General Ledger and account definition for costing purposes.
  • Define operations as a combination of labor types, machine groups, and tooling.
  • Create routings as a set of step-by-step operations, and use them in the Bill of Materials application without needing to recreate them every time.

Manufacturing - Production

Keep track of the production status for the past, present, and future with the TRAVERSE Manufacturing - Production application. Easily handle lot-tracked and serialized inventory, multiple releases per production order, and priority-based dispatching.

Using Manufacturing – Production will allow you to:

  • Create and edit production orders using a visual editor with drilldown.

  • Use powerful reporting capabilities to see when, where, and why variances took place in terms of time, usage quantities, and final production.
  • Easily handle lotted and serialized inventory, and perform multiple releases per production order.
  • Import activity recording from an external sources, such as automated time card or bar code data collection system.

Requirements Planning

Manage sales forecasts, create master schedules, and balance future supply and demand with TRAVERSE Requirements Planning. Optionally use automated generation of production orders, bucketless or user-defined buckets, flexible time fences, and component pegging.

With TRAVERSE Requirements Planning, you can:

  • Manage contract or long-term delivery orders with blanket order functionality for your customers.
  • Choose between bucketless and standard Requirements Planning reports based on daily, weekly, monthly, or user-defined summaries.
  • Tailor your interface and create unlimited user-defined fields using the TRAVERSE Design Studio.
  • Create forecasts for individual items, parts, and assemblies based on current history using multiple methodologies.


Know instantly what you have in stock, how much it is worth, and where it is located with the TRAVERSE Inventory application. Take advantage of multiple-warehouse capabilities, predefined inventory reports, lot tracking, and quantity breaks.

With Inventory keeping tabs on the stock, you can:

  • Identify your best products and understand purchase and sales cycles.
  • Set up as many locations as needed for each inventory item; all detail is maintained for each, including quantities and valuation, costs and prices.
  • Monitor inventory movements by tracking inventory history.
  • Create and maintain lot and serial numbers for those item types; lot number details include an expiration date and serial numbers include detail purchase and sales information.

Sales Order

Keep your customers happy by handling orders promptly and correctly with TRAVERSE Sales Order. Easily produce quotes, fulfill orders, generate return merchandise authorizations, and create blanket orders.

With Sales Order, you are able to:

  • Process RMAs (Return Material Authorizations) so that a credit memo is not issued until the customer returns the items to your warehouse.
  • Easily create new orders and copy from existing orders in history; simply view the different transactions posted to history, select one that matches current order information, and create a new order from it.
  • Send invoices, statements, order acknowledgements, and quotes in the format the customer prefers (email, paper, or fax).
  • Use prices that are calculated based on customer level, order quantity, special promotions, or customer-specific prices for items. Item prices can be calculated based on markups from cost or markdowns from average, list, base or calculated prices.

Purchase Order

TRAVERSE Purchase Order gives you the power to take complete control of purchases from invoicing to requisition. Change existing purchase orders, return goods to vendors, generate automatic requisitions, and perform landed cost calculations.

With Purchase Order helping you manage your buying power, you will:

  • Enter purchases in the company base currency or the vendor’s foreign currency; foreign currency purchases track costs in the foreign currency as well as the company base currency.
  • View variances between order and actual quantities, order and actual costs, and delivery dates.
  • Keep a watchful eye on the goods and services your company receives, and detect shortages and incorrect invoices so that you only pay for the items you’ve received.
  • Send purchase orders in the format the vendor prefers (email, paper, or fax).

Warehouse Management

Ensure precision inventory handling and prompt order fulfillment with TRAVERSE Warehouse Management. Track inventory items by bins and containers, prepare pick lists, and enter shipped quantities by order number or item ID.

Warehouse Management will help you:

  • Identify sources of item demand, track down overages or loss, and view related movement activity.

  • Track inventory items by bins and containers, designating the items that move in and out of inventory.
  • Improve efficiency in picking, packing and shipping orders by streamlining daily activities and maximizing the productivity of your warehouse staff.
  • Drill through to view several layers of item detail at one time.

Mobile Warehouse

TRAVERSE Mobile Warehouse provides Warehouse Management functionality on a Pocket PC-compatible handheld device. Use it on your warehouse floor to record receipts and shipments, track inventory movement, and automatically enter that information into your TRAVERSE system for other departments to use.

Mobile Warehouse enables your staff to:

  • Make sound decisions about purchases, sales, and transfers with instant on-hand and in-use quantity information.
  • View quantity counts for items in bins and containers across all warehouse locations.
  • Record items while doing physical inventory, and move items from one place within the warehouse to another.
  • Pull items from your inventory in order to fulfill orders, and apply the item quantities in shipments you have received to specific purchase orders, location transfers, or material requisition returns.


ShopFloor for TRAVERSE version 11 is a solution for manufacturing operations that can help you grow your business by streamlining your processes and increasing the speed and accuracy with which your team enters data. Users can easily and efficiently use a variety of input devices to enter their production information—as well as labor or machine time—right from the shop floor.

With ShopFloor for TRAVERSE version 11, you can:

  • Make real-time inventory updates throughout the manufacturing process.
  • Record labor or machine time.
  • Record production and materials.
  • Ensure quality by taking advantage of the Quality Control functionality within ShopFloor.
  • Take advantage of the portable, easy-to-use user interface for machine operators.

Electronic Data Interchange TRAVERSE v11

TRAVERSE v11 EDI saves you time and money by transmitting data directly between you and your trading partners. Using standardized file formats TRAVERSE EDI will allow you to receive data directly into your Sales Order or Purchase Order modules for immediate processing. It will also send data such as invoices and acknowledgements directly to your customers with little or no interaction.

Key TRAVERSE EDI features:

  • Lower transaction processing costs
  • Reduce data processing errors
  • Receive preferred status from trading partners by participating in EDI programs
  • Free up resources to work on higher priority activities

Fully Integrated ERP Solutions

  • I love the features in interactive views, especially when saving the view to be shared or recalled in the future.
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    Brian Thomeczek, Northwestern Tools
    Manufacturing Industry
  • With it being Windows-based, it’s just so much smoother and easier to work with.
    R. O. Whitesell logo
    Steve Underhill, R. O. Whitesell and Associates
    57 employees, Electronics Manufacturers
  • Your purchaser, your plant manager can actually set up their own views, and do real-time inquiries.
    Grand Prairie Foods logo
    Tim Koch, Grand Prairie Foods
    65 employees, Food Processor and Distributor
  • We’re in an industry that requires very specific production software - TRAVERSE ties into our industry-specific systems.
    Wilcox Family Farms logo
    Natalya Washburn, Wilcox Family Farms
    200 employees, Food Processor and Distributor
  • For a manufacturer, that’s one of the most critical functions [Inventory], and obviously something Quickbooks and Peachtree couldn’t do.
    Nuvo Cosmetics logo
    Ariel Chavez, Nuvo Cosmetics International
    Manufacturing Industry
  • It was a seamless transition, at roughly half the price for what we would have paid for SAP.
    Victus logo
    Carlos Fernandez, Victus
    105 employees, Manufacturer and Distributer
    of Medical and Nutritional Supplies